3 Fun Activities to Teach Your Kids Good Dental Health

It can be hard to get kids motivated to brush their teeth twice a day and for at least two minutes! Not only is it important to get them into the habit, but maintaining that habit and the motivation can also be challenging. Planning fun activities around brushing is an excellent way to get your kids excited about getting into the habit morning and night!

Here are 3 fun activities to teach your kids good oral health: 

  1. Paint with a toothbrush: Before you throw that old toothbrush away, give it a good clean and repurpose it as a paintbrush! Draw teeth on a sheet of construction paper and get your paints ready! When painting, make sure you point out all the areas your child should pay special attention to when brushing their own teeth, such as molars. Also, have them demonstrate proper technique using small, circular and gentle motions to clean those pearly whites.
  2. Make up your very own song: Let your child’s musical talents shine day and night with an original song! Spark their creativity by making up a unique and playful song. Sing for at least two minutes to ensure they are brushing long enough. Adding a little dance doesn’t hurt either!
  3. Create happy face snacks: Food is just as important to oral health as brushing. So, when snack time rolls around, have a little fun by letting your child pick their favorite fruits and veggies and turning them into a smiling face! You can use baby carrots, broccoli florets, slices of apples and oranges, celery, and nuts and seeds to create this edible masterpiece!

If you are looking for even more creative ways to get your kids excited about brushing, schedule your child’s next dental appointment with Dr. Gallagher today!

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