4 Things To Consider When Choosing Dental Insurance

A young woman contemplates choosing her dental insurance.

When you’re shopping for dental insurance, the first thing you think of might be cost. After all, that’s money out of your check every month that could be used for other bills! There are, however, several other things to consider when choosing dental insurance.

How long is the waiting period?

Many dental insurance carriers require you to wait for a period of time before you start using the service. For orthodontic services, that waiting period may be as much as a year! If you need dental care now, it’s important to find an insurance that will be in effect as soon as possible to avoid high out-of-pocket costs.

What services are covered?

What your insurance covers may vary greatly according to your provider. For example, most dental insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic dentistry. Others might not cover orthodontic work. Base your dental insurance on the services you know you’ll need. While you’re looking at coverage, check to make sure that your preferred dentist is in-network for the plan you’re considering.

What is your deductible?

If you have good teeth, are covering only yourself and not a spouse or kids, and don’t make it to the dentist twice a year the way you should, you may spend more money on your dental insurance than you would by setting money in an emergency account each month in case a dental emergency does come up. Check to see, too, how much you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket if you do have expensive dental work done.

What does your dental office do for people without insurance or who have exceeded their coverage?

Overland Park Family Dental offers options that will allow you to pay off high-cost dental work over time with dental payment plans. We also have an in-house dental savers plan to make dental care more affordable for those without insurance. Even if you do have dental insurance, you should check with us to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your coverage.

Overland Park Family Dental is dedicated to making sure that you can get the dental care you need. We’ll work with your insurance company to make sure that you get the quality of care you deserve without paying more than you have to. Contact us today for more information about our family dental practice and dental insurance.