Back to School Dental Checklist

Smiling children making their back to school dental checklists.

It’s that time of year again, summer break is nearing its end and you are preparing your children for their return to school. This can be a hectic time in our lives, trying to ready yourselves and your children for their academic studies can feel overwhelming at times, so we put together a handy checklist for you so their oral health doesn’t fall by the way side.

1. Schedule their dental appointment

There’s still time to schedule your child’s dental appointment before their first day, so don’t delay! It will be much easier to fit an appointment in before they are establishing their daily routines, and ultimately you’ll be able to be much more flexible in picking the best time.

2. Pick up (or have your child pick out) a new toothbrush

Life events like going back to school can be a great reminder to replace old items around the house. When was the last time you picked up a new toothbrush for yourself and your child? If you can’t remember, it’s probably time!

3. Plan healthy lunches and snacks

Along with proper oral hygiene, a healthy diet will do wonders for keeping your children healthy and feeling good. Take some time to plan out healthier foods to put in their lunchbox. If you build a good routine now, in a month it will feel like there is no other way. Supplying proper healthy snacks will also curb their desire for sweets.

4. Get on a healthy routine

Sometimes the lack of structure that children can have during summertime can cause their normal routines to fall away. So make sure your kids brush before they go to bed AND before they go to school. If they maintain that habit, a lifetime of healthy smiles will show for it.

5. Protect them from injuries

If your child is enrolled in any athletic event, you should get them properly fitted with a mouthguard to help prevent a dental injury. Athletic mouthguards may make them feel uncomfortable or weird, especially if other kids aren’t doing it. If they aren’t cooperating, show them a picture of a famous athlete like LeBron James, or Peyton Manning wearing one. That should sway their opinions!

If you have any other ideas or sure-fire tips, leave them in the comments section below!