Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

A happy dog with healthy teeth

Oral hygiene is important for dogs, too! While Dr. Gallagher doesn’t clean Rover’s teeth, we know that he’s a part of your family, too! Here are some tips for keeping your pup’s dental hygiene in great condition.

Brush Weekly

Dogs get to have their teeth cleaned less than humans. The bacteria in their mouths creates a different environment than we have. Not to mention, they don’t usually have access to the sugary and acidic snacks that we do, so they’re less susceptible to decay.

Dog Toothbrush

You can get a special dog toothbrush at a local pet store, or recycle your old one to use on Fido! Just try not to let him chew on it when his teeth aren’t being brushed.

The Finger Toothbrush

If your pup doesn’t have a strong chomper and you aren’t against getting slobbered on, finger toothbrushes provide a close brushing. These are especially great for dogs who may want to chew on the actual toothbrush.

Toothbrush Toys

There are also rubber toys that resemble toothbrushes that your pup can play with all the time! These are a great way for your dog to brush his or her own teeth while playing. Saves you time and it’s a lot more fun for your dog than the fight against having his teeth brushed by you. These are a great alternative for dogs who don’t like having their mouths or teeth touched.

Now that your dog’s dental health is taken care of, schedule the rest of your family’s dental appointments with Dr. Gallagher at Overland Park Family Dental!