Five Tips for Caring for Your Dentures

senior couple hug and smile after learning how to care for dentures

If you’re missing teeth (or even all your teeth), dentures can restore your smile and let you eat your favorite foods again. To ensure your dentures do their job and are kept clean, there is some maintenance required. Here are five tips for caring for your dentures:

1. Brush Dentures Twice Every Day

Dentures should be cleaned at least twice a day just like natural teeth. However, many toothpastes are too abrasive, so you should use a denture cleanser designed just for the purpose. In a pinch, you can also use a mild dish soap. For a brush, a soft-bristled toothbrush or denture brush works best. Avoid hard-bristled toothbrushes.

2. Rinse Dentures After Eating

While you don’t need to give your dentures a thorough brush each time after eating, you do want to at least rinse them off. This removes food particles and prevents bacteria buildup.

3. Handle the Dentures with Care

When you’re handling your dentures during brushing, hold them over a sink full of water or lay a towel in the sink. This way if you drop the dentures, they don’t accidentally break.

4. Don’t Let Dentures Dry Out

Dentures should never be allowed to dry out. When you’re not wearing them, they should be soaked in a denture cleanser or cool water.

5. Never Wash or Soak Dentures in Hot Water

Dentures shouldn’t be washed or left to sit in hot water. Hot water can cause them to warp and then they won’t fit in your mouth as well. Cool water is the way to go.

Interested in Dentures?

If you are interested in dentures, Dr. Gallagher and the team at Overland Park Family Dentistry can help you out! In addition to traditional dentures, we also offer implant-supported dentures. These are locked into dental implants fused into your jawbone, so they don’t slip around and they don’t need to be removed for cleaning. Contact us to learn more about both options.

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