How Your Kids Could Avoid the Dentist’s Drill Year after Year


Every parent wants to hear, “No cavities, so I’ll see you in six months,” from their child’s dentist. And yes, it is possible! Your child can avoid the dentist’s drill year after year when you help them practice consistent healthy habits and make some specific choices with the help of Overland Park Family Dental and our kids’ preventive dental care services!

Sealants Work

According to a recent article in “FiveThirtyEight,” one thing is shown to reduce the risk of developing cavities in kids’ permanent teeth by 76%. Dental sealants. Sealants coat the biting surfaces of the molars to protect their nooks and crannies from plaque and decay. If a kid doesn’t seem prone to cavities, doesn’t eat a lot of sugar, or doesn’t have deep fissures, he or she may not need sealants. But a full evaluation with Dr. Gallagher could help you know whether sealants are good choice for your kids. You can quickly schedule an appointment here.

Good Oral Hygiene

From early childhood and beyond, helping your kids learn that brushing effectively twice a day and flossing are part of a healthy mouth routine that can certainly keep them clear of the drill for years as well. If they have trouble with handling floss (or you handling it for them), try little, one-time use flossers. Sometimes small hands can manage them easier and when flossing is easier, it is more likely to get done.

Healthy Nutrition

Eating healthy foods and ones that specifically promote healthy teeth and gums will help youngsters avoid the call back for fillings, too. Crunchy fruits and vegetables, low-fat and calcium-rich dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt are all staples toward super dental visits. Avoiding candy and sticky fruit snacks are recommended toward overall better oral health as well.

We love kids at Overland Park Family Dental and we love to make them happy with in-office entertainment, prizes, and no-shot fillings. But we all know it’s better to have peaceful dental visits only twice a year just for checkups. Think of the money you’ll save and the satisfaction you’ll have knowing all those reminders about brushing and flossing paid off when you find out your child is cavity-free!