How to Conquer Dental Anxiety

woman relaxes with earphones and a calming beverage before visiting the dentist

Dental anxiety is known as the fear of visiting the dentist or dental procedures, which can prevent people from getting the necessary dental care they require to maintain great oral health. Dental anxiety is a relatively common condition that can affect individuals of all ages. Luckily, there are many strategies to help conquer your dental anxiety to make dental visits more comfortable.

Tips for Conquering Dental Anxiety

Some of the top tips for combatting dental fear include:

  • Bringing a Support Person to Visits: If you’re struggling with dental anxiety, consider bringing a friend or family member to your appointment to provide emotional support during your visit.
  • Communicating with Your Dentist: It’s important to inform your dentist about your dental anxiety. Your dentist will be able to address your concerns and create a treatment plan that keeps your dental anxiety in mind. A great dentist will ensure you feel completely comfortable throughout your entire visit.
  • Inquiring About Sedation Dentistry: Sedation dentistry is a revolutionary treatment that can help patients with severe dental anxiety. The three types of sedation are nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation. Dentists will determine which sedation method best suits your needs.
  • Packing Your Devices: Make sure to bring headphones so that you can listen to your favorite music, your go-to podcast, or an engaging audiobook so you can distract yourself during your appointment. This can help take your mind off your anxiety to help you feel more at ease.
  • Practicing Relaxation Techniques: Dental anxiety can make you feel stressed, uncomfortable, and wound up. Try practicing some deep breathing before and during your appointment to help reduce anxiety.

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At Overland Park Family Dental, our patients’ comfort is our top priority. We understand that visiting the dentist can feel intimidating, which is why our team is dedicated to providing a positive, stress-free experience. Our warm, welcoming office space will help you feel right at home when you walk through the door. We also have TVs in treatment rooms, warm pillows and blankets upon request, warm scented towels, and complimentary beverages. In addition to our cozy amenities, we also offer safe sedation dentistry to help patients tackle their dental anxiety and easily get through complex dental treatments. Please contact us to schedule your consultation!

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