When Is a Dental Extraction Unavoidable?

young woman holds her jaw in pain with a tooth infection

When it comes to dental damage and decay, we try to avoid tooth extraction, if possible, but sometimes it is just unavoidable. In today’s blog post, we’re discussing some of the situations in which removing the tooth is the only option.

Broken Tooth Root

The root of your tooth can suffer a break for a variety of different reasons, including grinding and clenching, severe decay, or trauma. In some instances, a root canal procedure may allow for the tooth to be saved. However, if that’s not sufficient, the tooth will have to go.

Severe Tooth Decay

While cavities don’t generally mean that you’re going to lose a tooth, severe decay can compromise your tooth entirely and cause the dentist to have to extract it. Keep decay under control by paying attention to your oral hygiene and eating a healthy diet low in sugars and starches.

Wisdom Teeth

So many of us have had our wisdom teeth extracted. And while it’s not always a necessity, it often is. That’s because wisdom teeth are prone to becoming impacted. They grow incorrectly, only partially and often at an odd angle. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause you pain and swelling, damage to the other teeth, and alter the alignment of your smile. Your wisdom teeth serve no real purpose, and only take up space in your mouth that you don’t really have! To avoid any of these unwanted complications, dentists, in many cases, will recommend that the wisdom teeth be extracted.

Restorative Dental Care in Overland Park, Kansas

If you do need to get a tooth extracted, there’s no need to fret about the aftermath. Here at Overland Park Family Dental, we have a variety of restorative services to fit any smile comfortably and naturally. If you’re ready for a restorative procedure, visit our website or give our office a call to arrange for a consultation.

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