Dr. Gallagher’s Mission Trip to Santo Domingo: Recap

The staff of Overland Park Family Dental on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic

As part of Dr. Gallagher’s philosophy of providing quality dental care for everybody, he takes annual mission trips around the world and gives dental care to their communities. This year Dr. Gallagher made the trip to Santo Domingo, the capitol and largest city in the Dominican Republic.


Temporary Treatment Center

Dr. Gallagher set up a temporary treatment center in a busy area and saw many children each day. Giving them quality dental healthcare even just once can dramatically alter their health for a lifetime.Santo_Domingo_Missions_Trip_2015_2 Santo_Domingo_Missions_Trip_2015_3

Medical Partners for Complete Care

Dr. Gallagher partnered with other healthcare professionals to give the people of Santo Domingo full medical examinations.Santo_Domingo_Missions_Trip_2015_5

A Brighter Future

Through the generous contributions of Dr. Gallagher and his team, the people of Santo Domingo have been given a solid foundation for a healthy life. Dr. Gallagher can’t wait until next year’s missions trip, and to give beautiful smiles to those in need. Santo_Domingo_Missions_Trip_2015_4