Which Foods are Bad for Teeth?

slices of citrus fruit that can be harmful to teeth

We’ve all heard about how bad candy is for our teeth. But there are some other dangerous foods that may surprise you. Read on to learn some of the common cavity-causing foods you may want to think about phasing out of your diet.

Starchy Foods

Compared to a sticky, sugary gummy, for example, bread may seem completely harmless. On the contrary, bread, and other carb-laden foods like bagels, pasta, potatoes, and so many others, are among some of the worst foods for your smile. When you eat a piece of bread, the starches are broken down to become sugar. The carbs in these starchy foods are broken down into sugar once your saliva gets ahold of them. That sugar feeds the plaque bacteria, prompting it to grow, produce acid, and eat away at your teeth. And that’s how a cavity gets made.


Citrus fruits like lemons and limes may be delicious, but they are detrimental to your dental health. The problem is that these fruits have a high acid content. As we explained in reference to bread and other starchy foods, acid is not your smile’s friend. Not only does it wear away at the enamel, but it can target the flesh inside your mouth as well, causing irritation and mouth sores.


Although it’s no problem to have ice in your drink, make sure it stays there. Ice is one of the most dangerous things you can have in your mouth. Chewing on ice is a sure way to crack a tooth or filling.

Dried Fruit

Think of these as nature’s candy. As in, they are just as bad for your teeth. The issue with dried fruit is that it’s not only sugary, but it’s also sticky. That means it lingers in your mouth and is hard to remove. That sticky substance hangs around and gradually contributes to decay.

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So what can you eat? The staff here at Overland Park Family Dental is happy to advise as to how to cultivate a delicious and tooth-friendly diet. Ask us at your next visit what else you and your family could be doing differently to prioritize your dental health.

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