New Year’s Resolutions That Can Improve Your Oral Health

The New Year is a great time to set a resolution for self-improvement. While many of us may focus on getting in shape or making more time to read, why not consider some smaller resolutions to improve your oral health? After all, many common dental conditions are avoidable with proper preventive care! We’ve consulted with our Overland Park Family Dental team to come up with the following four dental resolutions to make 2019 the year your teeth were healthier and stronger than ever!

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1. Commit to Flossing Every Day

If your oral hygiene routine does not include flossing, that’s around 40 percent of your tooth’s surface that you’re not cleaning! You should floss once each day to remove oral bacteria and plaque that is lurking between your teeth and in those harder-to-reach areas. If traditional dental flossing doesn’t inspire you, consider using a WaterPik or a floss pick instead.

2. Make Brushing Worth Your While

If you’re not brushing the right way, you may not be getting the full benefit of cleaning your teeth. Even worse, if you’re brushing too vigorously, you may be damaging your teeth! First, always use a soft-bristled brush to avoid damaging your enamel. When you brush, place your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to your gums and gently move the brush back and forth. Use short strokes, and make sure you’re reaching each surface of your teeth.

3. Use Mouthwash to Strengthen Teeth

Not only can mouthwash leave your breath smelling fresh, it can help strengthen your enamel. Fluoridated mouthwash makes your teeth strong through a process called remineralization.

4. Use the Right Tools for the Job

There are specialized toothbrushes on the market that can fit your oral health needs. For example, if the cold weather has left your teeth feeling extra sensitive, look for a toothbrush designed specifically for sensitive teeth to help ease sensitivity.

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