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What Does My Strange Teeth Dream Mean?

Have you been dreaming about rotten teeth, biting, or your teeth falling out? Read our blog to discover possible interpretations of these dental dreams. If you have questions about protecting your teeth so they don’t actually rot or fall out, contact our friendly team today!

About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Read our blog post to discover what wisdom teeth are and why you might need them removed. Don’t worry, getting your wisdom teeth removed won’t make you less wise! It’s the smart thing to do if Dr. Gallagher recommends it. Contact our friendly team if you’re feeling uneasy about your upcoming wisdom teeth removal.

Early Warning Signs of Gum Disease

Check out our blog post to learn about the #1 cause of tooth loss in adults: gum disease. We describe warning signs of gingivitis (or swollen gums) to watch for. If you experience these symptoms, call our dental office to notify Dr. Gallagher and schedule an appointment before you develop periodontitis!