Is It Safe to Get a Dental X-Ray?

woman looking at her dental x-rays with the dentist

Do you have an upcoming dental visit and may need a dental X-ray? It’s normal to feel nervous about getting an X-ray. However, you have nothing to fear! Here’s what you need to know about dental X-rays.

What Is a Dental X-Ray

Dental X-rays are a beneficial and precise diagnostic tool. X-rays allow dentists to see beneath the gum line. Without X-rays, dentists would only be able to treat what they could see with their eyes. X-rays give dentists a complete overview of a patient’s health and allow them to treat any dental issue that lurks below the surface. X-rays can detect gum disease, jawbone health, tooth root condition, and more!

When Are Dental X-Rays Needed?

Children are more likely to need regular dental X-rays than adults because their teeth, gums, and facial structure are constantly changing as they grow and develop. X-rays allow dentists to track their development and catch any issues while they’re still small. Patients also need dental X-rays when visiting a new dentist. Dentists will often ask to take an initial set of X-rays to assess a patient’s overall oral health before starting any new treatments.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

According to the American Dental Association, dental X-rays are incredibly safe. They emit extremely low levels of radiation when used which makes the risks very small. Dental X-rays are specifically designed to limit each patient’s exposure to radiation. Patients also wear a lead apron during the X-ray process to minimize the risks even further.

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