Summer Snacks for Healthy Teeth

cheese and fruit make a good summer snack for your teeth

Summer is just about here! That means a schedule packed with barbecues, picnics, and pool parties. Amidst all of that fun in the sun, don’t neglect your teeth. Read on for some smart choices to choose at your next summer gathering.

Say Cheese

A cheese plate is a yummy way to welcome guests who will surely arrive hungry. Having a burger? Add a slice of cheese on top. Cheese is full of calcium and phosphorus, nutrients that keep your precious tooth enamel strong. Dairy has also been shown to help prevent gingivitis.

Keep It Crunchy

Crunchy foods are great because they work to clean the teeth while you’re munching. Now, we don’t mean chips, which contain carbs and sugars that will feed the plaque on your teeth. Think nutrient packed veggies like carrots and cucumbers—they are healthy and they keep your teeth nice and clean.

Stay Hydrated

Try homemade flavored water. It’s a great everyday treat, or if you’re hosting, your parched guests will be thrilled to see an enticing dispenser of water filled with cucumber slices and fresh sprigs of mint, or juicy, red strawberries. Infused water is a satisfying twist on plain old ice water, and it’s a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and juices.

Something Sweet

What’s a hot, summer night without a sweet treat? Ice cream and ice pops are a hit in the summer, but are often packed with sugar that you don’t want on your teeth. Look for a low-sugar option, or just stick with fruit. Sweet and refreshing, opt-for a seedless variety, the pesky little seeds in berries, for example, hide in your teeth, creating extra trouble. Melons, apples, and papaya are all great options. Want to keep it chill? Fresh fruit pops can be a delicious treat, try making your own!

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