What is the Best Type of Dental Floss?

A dentist recommend brand of dental floss.

With so many choices available, it is difficult to determine which floss is best for your teeth. Everyone has different needs when it comes to their dental health and flossing is important in order to remove the plaque and food debris from between your teeth. How do you decide which floss works best for your teeth? The best way is to know what your options are and how each floss works.

Which floss works best for your teeth?


This floss is perfect for those with tight spaces between their teeth as it allows the floss to slide between tight contacts easier. Waxed floss comes in a multitude of flavors as well.


If your contacts aren’t as tight, an unwaxed floss may be the perfect fit for you. However, it may break more easily than waxed floss. This type of floss may be uncomfortable for those with very crowded teeth, as it tends to become stuck in tight spots. Unwaxed floss also comes in a variety of flavors.

Super Floss or Ultra Floss

This type of floss is a yarn-like fabric that stretches and is perfect for larger teeth with wider spaces. It is also good for flossing dental implants, braces or bridges.

Dental Tape

This floss is wider and flatter than traditional floss. It is made of a ribbon-like material that has a bit more stretch to it and doesn’t strike the gums in the same way as regular floss. This makes it perfect for someone dealing with periodontal disease. It is also great for wider spaces and cleaning around gums.


This is a motorized unit that sends a stream of water pulsating through a nozzle into a targeted area in the mouth to remove debris. This option is helpful for those with braces or bridges. Those with deep gum pockets may find this method helpful as well. You should continue to floss in addition to using a waterpik, and not rely entirely on your waterpik.

Floss Threaders and Holders

If you struggle to manipulate floss, these devices may come in handy. The threader is a needle-type device that allows the floss to be pushed through difficult spaces, such as braces. A floss holder makes flossing easier with its Y-shaped design that holds floss between two prongs. There is also an option of a disposable pre-measured hand-held wand flosser which is great on-the-go or for a quick floss.

Choosing the right floss comes down to understanding your teeth and what your needs are. Sometimes picking the right floss is just a matter of which one is most comfortable for you. Finding a floss that you enjoy using will encourage you to make flossing a daily habit. The most important thing with flossing is to do it at least once every day!

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