Why do I Dream About Teeth Falling Out?

Why do I dream about losing teeth?

Our dreams take us to some of the most fantastical places, from days at work where we tell our boss how we really feel, to flying around the moon and back.

If you wake up every now and then and need to go smile in the mirror to make sure all of your pearly whites are intact, you aren’t the only one. Dreams about losing teeth are some of the most common recurring dreams, shared by many people.
When we dream, our brains are restoring our bodies and filing memories away (among other things). So why do we dream about losing teeth when our body is supposed to be restoring itself? No one quite knows why, but dream interpretation might give us some insight into why this happens.

Why We Dream About Teeth Falling Out

There are positive and negative theories about what our dreams of losing our teeth mean. Some of the heavier issues include:

The Bad

  • Anxiety
  • Fear of aging
  • Personal loss
  • Worry over how you appear to others

Well. None of that sounds very fun. We all go through life-changes though, and sometimes thoughts of the future can be a little too uncertain for our taste.

There is a bright side though! Some of the lighter dream interpretations include uplifting and exciting possibilities for why your brain is processing this way. Some of the positive reasons you may have this dream are:

The Good

  • Life changing event
  • A new start
  • New financial success

See? Not all bad. Just think of it as your body trying to tell you something. Listen to it, then figure out what you need to do to stay physically and emotionally healthy!