How to Save a Broken Tooth

blond woman holds her jaw in pain after breaking a tooth

A broken tooth is a scenario that none of us want to deal with. But from time to time, bad luck does strike, and you’ll want to be prepared. Read on to learn how to save a broken tooth, and what restorative options we have here at Overland Park Family Dental to fix it.

How to Save a Broken Tooth

If you’re dealing with a broken tooth, the immediate reaction can be quite important. Exactly what you should do will depend on the extent of the damage. It’s a good idea to rinse out the mouth right away with warm water or saltwater. Apply pressure using gauze or something similar to stop the bleeding. If there’s paint and/or swelling, over-the-counter pain meds and an ice pack can both be helpful. Save the tooth, if you can, and give us a call immediately.

Be Prepared

While you cannot entirely avoid a dental emergency, there are things you can have on hand and ready in case one does occur. It is such a good idea to have a little dental first aid kid you can turn to in a pinch. Great items to set aside include gauze, oral anesthetic gel, dental floss, dental wax, and your preferred OTC pain relief.

Solutions to a Broken Tooth

Again, the solutions to the break are going to depend on the severity of the mishap. There are a variety of restorative options available. Procedures to address tooth breakage or loss include dental filling, bonding, reshaping, veneers, root canal and crown, onlay, splint, or extraction and implant.

Emergency Dental Care in Overland Park, Kansas

Whether it be a broken tooth or something else, we’re your go-to when it comes to addressing a dental emergency. We are always prepared to take on same-day appointments in the event of an emergency. So have our number ready in case disaster strikes!

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