Solutions to Broken, Cracked, or Missing Teeth

man holding his jaw in pain after cracking a tooth

Your teeth are very strong, but they can still break, crack, or fall out. Things like decay or dental trauma can damage your teeth and make repairs (or replacement) necessary. Here are the solutions to broken, cracked, or missing teeth:

When You Break or Crack a Tooth

Breaks and cracks can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe you bit down on something hard or got hit in the face while playing sports. Sometimes, a break or crack is obvious, but it may be too small to notice right away. Symptoms of a broken or cracked tooth include increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, pain while chewing, or a change in your bite.

For a small chip, we’ll most likely use a filling or a tooth-colored composite resin. Crowns are also a common solution, especially if the break or crack is more significant. A crown will cover the affected tooth, keeping it strong and preventing bacteria from getting inside.

When You’re Missing a Tooth

Losing a tooth is one of the scarier things that can happen to your smile. Thankfully, we have a variety of tooth replacement options! Bridges, dentures, or implants restore your smile and chewing function. Bridges are often used when you’re missing one or a few teeth. We’ll “bridge” the gap with false teeth, anchoring the bridge with dental crowns on either side. If you’re missing a full arch, dentures are a good option.

What about implants? These are different from other false teeth because they replace the missing tooth root. We insert a titanium post into your jaw, which fuses with the bone. A crown goes on top of the post, replacing the tooth. We also offer implant-supported dentures, which are a great option if you’re missing most or all of your teeth but don’t want individual implants.

Restore Your Oral Health at Overland Park Family Dental

Whether you have a broken, cracked, or missing tooth, Dr. Gallagher can help! Our Overland Park office offers restorative services like crowns, dentures, implants, and more. Breaks, cracks, and missing teeth are dental emergencies, so if you experience a problem, please contact us right away.

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