Dr. Gallagher’s Mission Trip to Santo Domingo: Recap

The staff of Overland Park Family Dental on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic

As part of Dr. Gallagher’s philosophy of providing quality dental care for everybody, he takes annual mission trips around the world and gives dental care to their communities. This year Dr. Gallagher made the trip to Santo Domingo, the capitol and largest city in the Dominican Republic. Temporary Treatment Center Dr. Gallagher set up a […]

Dr. Gallagher’s Mission Trip to Santo Domingo

Overland Park Family Dental's mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

At Overland Park Family Dental, we believe it’s important to not only give back to our community, but to help communities around the world. Dr. Gallagher participates in annual mission trips, and he will be visiting the Dominican Republic this July. His week-long trip will be from July 18 thru July 26, as he participates […]

Why do I Dream About Teeth Falling Out?

Why do I dream about losing teeth?

Our dreams take us to some of the most fantastical places, from days at work where we tell our boss how we really feel, to flying around the moon and back. If you wake up every now and then and need to go smile in the mirror to make sure all of your pearly whites […]

Shark Dental Humor is a Thing

A cartoon shark with braces.

From all of us at Overland Park Family Dental, we’d like to offer you a sampling of dental humor featuring sharks. Yes, it turns out, that’s totally a thing! We know they have iconic teeth but who know there were so many jokes available! Image above via One Whale Image above via GoComics Image above […]